Things You Should Know Before Getting Solar Shingles

People in today’s world are much more concerned about energy, and therefore they look for ways to utilize power in more efficiently. When it comes to energy preservation, a lot of alternatives are on the desk. But very few options meet the requirements to fulfill the energy needs efficiently. Solar energy has been among the top alternative energy sources because of its cleaner and greener characteristics. You can also think about getting in touch with San Jose solar company due to the same reason.

With the recent advancements of technology, solar energy has gone to a whole new level. Introduction of solar roof shingles to society is a massive step in acquiring the maximum usage of solar power. If you plan to give a whole new look to your conventional shingle roof, you can think of solar roof shingles as they not only add elegance but also work as a power generator. You will see that the solar roof shingle cost is a little higher than a typical roof installation. But in the long term, it is not just expenditure; it is an investment for a power source.

How do the solar roof shingles work?

Solar shingles that you can get from San Jose solar company function just like conventional solar panels. Solar panel roof shingles generate electric power from the sunlight. In a panel, each solar power roof shingle contains photovoltaic cells, which are the primary tool in converting sunlight into usable electricity. The technology behind the solar shingles is not a new one since it is being used as a power source for satellites over the past decades. The term photovoltaic scientifically describes the function of itself. Term “Photo” stands for light or the sun rays, and the word “voltaic” stands for electricity. So, the photovoltaic cells in a solar power roof shingle turn light into electricity.

Solar roof shingles vs. solar panels

If you make a comparison on solar roof shingles vs. solar panels, you might find some differences and similarities as well.

Solar roof shingles are introduced recently. The fist solar shingle was launched in 2011 to the public. On the other hand, solar panels are being used from the beginning of the space age. They were used in satellite as their primary energy source to function in the space.

Solar shingles can be installed just like a regular roofing shingle. It can be considered as an advance and much more useful replacement for the current conventional asphalt shingles while adding an enhanced beauty to your roof. You will be able to reduce the cost of installing shingles because a considerable area of the roof can be covered with the solar shingles, which exactly an ideal replacement for ordinary shingles. When it comes to solar panels, they have to be mounted separately on the roof above the shingles already existing. It requires a new installation process which takes a more prolonged period. Further, installing a solar panel would is a complicated process in comparison to solar shingles as the process requires more technical knowledge.