Choosing the Best San Jose Divorce Attorney

The divorce experience is painful and emotional; it can go from bad to worse in seconds. Trying to divorce your wife without the help of a qualified lawyer adds fuel to the fire, Therefore, to facilitate this complicated process, the following are the five tips on how to find the best San Jose divorce attorney. Have a look at them;

  1. Select the type of divorce process.

This is the initial thing you need to define. What type of divorce process would you like to use? Do you want to go through mediation, litigation or cooperative divorce? Depending on the type of divorce process, you must choose a divorce lawyer. If you choose mediation, you need an excellent negotiating person. However, if you decide to select litigation, you need an aggressive, good lawyer in legal proceedings.

  1. Experience in the industry.

Choose a divorce lawyer who has at least two or three years of family law experience. An experienced lawyer understands the complexities of divorce and has been in such a situation several times. Find a lawyer who had some difficult problems under his belt and experience in legal proceedings. Divorce attorneys with local expertise are familiar with legal and administrative processes and know what steps should be taken to protect a client’s interests better.

  1. Check reputation.

The lawyer’s reputation says a lot about the lawyer. The stakes are high in divorce. Therefore, you need someone who has a high success rate. Check out customer comments online. Have you been recommended a lawyer? Check out the qualifications of the ABA lawyers. There are many popular sites where you can find ratings and bar reviews. This will deliver a clear idea of the lawyer’s reputation and will help you find the best divorce lawyer in San Jose.

  1. Specialization in family law.

The divorce not only has to do with the separation of the spouses but also implies the equitable distribution of the property, the division of the marital property, the arrangement of the custody of the children, the arrangement of the visitation rights and the evaluation of maintenance support. You need someone who specializes in family law and understands how to handle all aspects.

  1. Meet two or three lawyers.

Not all divorce lawyers have the same level of communication and interpersonal skills. Be sure to be comfortable explaining everything and expressing your concerns to the lawyer. Choose a divorce lawyer who will make you feel comfortable. If your lawyer makes you feel stupid, take an interest and find someone else. Interview at least two or three lawyers and then make your final decision.

How a lawyer will work with you

The lawyer will evaluate your case and discuss the possible consequences if you go to court. Your legal representative will present you with a variety of acceptable options to resolve your case. You may be able to avoid bad divorce using the services of preparing an undisputed divorce document that will significantly reduce the headaches associated with traditional procedures.


Divorce comes with a wide range of complications and conflicts. A divorce lawyer will have a significant impact on the results of the divorce. Then, when the risks are high, it is reasonable to do a little research and choose the best San Jose divorce attorney.